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Basildon Microwave & Catering Equipment Ltd are a Basildon based company that work in commercial kitchen appliances. We offer services such as:
- Full servicing and maintenance on any kitchen equipment and appliances.
- Full commercial kitchen installations
- Installation of commerical appliances such as fryers, dishwashers, glass washers.
- One off and Annual servicing of appliances
- Service of all leading manufacturers

We offer a wide range of products of commercial kitchen appliances for you and your business. We are proud to say we have 30 years of experience, so you know you can trust us to get the job done right. All our workers are professional and qualified. We are Fully Gas certified No. 21582 (Certified with LPG and Natural Gas, also Rational Trained)

Catering Equipment Maintenance Tips

‘As of 9 February 2021, there are 108,610 restaurants and cafes in the UK that have an active food hygiene rating. This includes all types of restaurants, from staff canteens to esteemed culinary establishments and chains. Each is equipped with a commercial-grade kitchen that must meet strict requirements to promote consumer health and safety.

When running a restaurant, it is advised not to take shortcuts when upholding the maintenance of your catering equipment, this can lead to a potential risk for consumer's safety and leave a restaurant unprepared for inspection visits. The best remedy is preventative maintenance, this is paramount when keeping your kitchen optimal, helping avoid costly repairs and ensure a facility isn’t breaching any health and safety violations. Here are some tips on what to look out for when recognizing your catering equipment is due maintenance;

Fryers – Gas/Electric fryers will be commonplace amongst any commercial kitchen that serves fried food, maintenance duties include;

• Regularly extracting dirty oil.

• Clean and inspect fry baskets condition.

• Checking for gas leaking.

• Inspection of combustion fans


Fridge & Freezers – if a commercial fridge/freezer goes down it can cost thousands in wasted food, as a result, careful temperature control is vital in the preservation and extension of cold and frozen items, maintenance that can be carried out include;

• Checking electrical components.

• Inspection of the suction line insulation.

• Calibration on thermometers.

• Keep hinges well lubricated


Dishwashers & Sinks – Whether the cleaning and sanitizing of dishes is carried out in a sink or commercial grade cleaning equipment, it is an important part of upholding good health and safety standards, maintenance duties involve;

• Inspect and replace tank water frequently.

• Examine dishes and equipment for cracks, damages, and potential risks.

• Clean filter system after every 15 cycles.

• Removal of significant debris from plates and cookware before loading into dishware reduces clogs and drainage issues.

• Regular checks on chemical levels


Ranges/Grills – a centrepiece to most commercial kitchens, due to its necessity subjects it to heavy usage, meaning it can drastically impact upon efficiency if it was to break down. Additionally, repairs can end up very costly, maintenance tips include;

• Efficient training to those who have access to using the units.

• Regularly clean and remove any build-up of dirt and debris around burners and grates as well as behind the unit.

• Grease valve knobs frequently.

• Inspect thermostat


Floor Maintenance – the condition of floors in a commercial kitchen is an important step to ensuring a kitchen is hazard-free.

• Inspect for bumps cracks and potential tripping hazards.

• Mop regularly.

• Degrease to remove grease and soils.

• Monitor drainages systems.

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